The World’s Water, Volume 3

The World’s Water, Volume 3

Published: June 2002

Authors: Peter Gleick, William Burns, Elizabeth Chalecki, Michael Cohen, Katherine Kao Cushing, Amar Mann, Rachel Reyes, Gary Wolff, and Arlene Wong

Pages: 334

The World’s Water, Volume 3


The third volume in the The World’s Water book series, The World’s Water: 2002-2003 explores and proposes solutions to a variety of critical water issues including the global water crisis, global warming and water, the privatization and globalization of water, and and water-related conflicts.

The central thrust of the third volume in this highly regarded series is that we must rethink the way we capture, distribute, and use water if we are to meet the challenges of increasing scarcity and growing populations. In the lead chapter, Peter Gleick describes one potential solution to the growing global water crisis: a “soft path” for water, which seeks to deliver water-related services matched to users’ needs as well as resource availability, rather than relying on centralized infrastructure and technology and institutions developed in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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