The World’s Water, Volume 4

The World’s Water, Volume 4

Published: November 2004

Authors: Peter Gleick, Nicholas Cain, Dana Haasz, Meena Palaniappan, Catherine Hunt, Veena Srinivasan, Marcus Moench, Gary Wolff, Christine Henges-Jeck, and Michael Kiparsky

Pages: 262

The World’s Water, Volume 4


In this fourth volume of his highly regarded series, Peter Gleick and his research team focus on the most significant current trends worldwide: how to meet the basic needs of over one billion people without access to clean water, the growing controversy over public vs. private water, the role of conservation and efficiency in solving water problems, and concerns about skyrocketing bottled water use.

Other chapters delve into a range of other critical topics — from the economic value of water, to the unsustainable use of groundwater, to water policy and climate change. The Data Section of the book contains updated and new data on many critical water issues from the local to the global level.

Available for purchase from Island Press.


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