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Pacific Institute Releases New Report:
Climate Change Impacts to Water and Sanitation for Frontline Communities in the United States

The Pacific Institute and DigDeep, in partnership with the Center for Water Security and Cooperation, paint a sobering picture of how climate change is straining access to water and sanitation in communities throughout the United States.
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Water Conflict Chronology

New Update to Pacific Institute’s Water Conflict Chronology

Water resources and water infrastructure are not only triggers of conflict—they can be casualties of conflict or used as weapons as well. In response to this critical issue, the Pacific Institute is leading the effort to identify, track, and analyze water-related conflict around the world.

Flooding in Central Appalachia

Pacific Institute Releases Issue Brief on Climate Change and Flooding in Central Appalachia

The Pacific Institute has released a new issue brief titled ‘Climate Change and Flooding in Central Appalachia.’ This brief presents both observed and projected impacts of climate changes in Central Appalachia with a focus on how increased extreme precipitation events and flooding affect rural water and sanitation systems.


We Create and Advance Solutions
to the World’s Most Pressing
Water Challenges

Pathways and Barriers

New Report Highlights Pathways and Barriers to Corporate Water Stewardship in the Colorado River Basin

Salton Sea Library

Pacific Institute Launches the Salton Sea Library with 800+ Publications

The Pacific Institute has launched a new tool, the Salton Sea Library. This library is a searchable online database with more than 800 journal articles, reports, conference proceedings, book chapters, dissertations and theses, and other publications related to the Salton Sea.

Water Reslience

A Global Thought Leader on Water Resilience

The Pacific Institute’s 2030 strategic goal is to catalyze the transformation to water resilience in the face of climate change. What exactly do we mean by water resilience? The Pacific Institute’s Water Resilience Issue Brief provides guidance for governments, policymakers, businesses, NGOs, and other actors to rapidly scale solutions. These include integrating nature-based solutions with grey infrastructure and increasing investments in water efficiency and reuse–all through a lens of equity.


Online Reports & Tools

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What We Do

The Pacific Institute envisions a world in which society, the economy, and the environment have the water they need to thrive now and in the future. Our 2030 goal is to catalyze the transformation to water resilience in the face of climate change.

Our work addresses climate impacts on access to water and sanitation, as well as livelihoods and well–being for frontline communities in the United States and around the world.

Our work focuses on scaling uptake of nature-based solutions that support more climate-resilient water systems and the communities they support.

Our work is at the forefront of evaluating water efficiency and reuse possibilities, driving innovation and scaling proven circular water approaches.

Why We Do It

2.2 Billion People


90% of Disasters


$1 Trillion

Annual investment of $1 trillion is needed globally to sustainably manage water by 2030.3

The need has never been greater. For 35 years, we have provided trusted science-based research, recommended feasible policy and practice solutions, and convened diverse stakeholders —from frontline communities and water utilities to Fortune 500 companies and governments —to advance solutions for the world’s most urgent water challenges. From the Colorado River Basin of the drought-prone US West to the world stage at the UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, decision-makers turn to the Pacific Institute for science-backed leadership on water resilience now more than ever.

Collaboration is core to the Pacific Institute’s approach. We build cross-sector alliances to tackle complex water challenges.

You Can Help

The Pacific Institute’s work is fueled by financial support from people like you. Together, we are building the evidence base through science-based research, informing communities and decision makers about solutions, and influencing policies. Join us in this effort to build water resilience—and help solve the world’s water challenges.


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