Salton Sea Library

This searchable online library (a Zotero library) includes more than 800 journal articles, reports, conference proceedings, book chapters, dissertations and theses, and other publications related to the Salton Sea.

The library allows you to view bibliographic information, abstracts, and, in most cases, links to the actual publication. Many of these links, especially DOI links, go to the publication’s homepage. where users may encounter a paywall. If this happens, here is a link with extra steps you can take. In some cases, the full publication is available through the Zotero library, usually as a pdf.

Access the Salton Sea Library Here

We thank Karen Duran, Juan Murillo Perez, and Kaila Hernandez of the Water Resources Institute at the California State University San Bernardino, Palm Desert Campus for their many hours researching and compiling these bibliographic entries. We gratefully acknowledge funding support from the Bureau of Reclamation for the development of this library.

Please report incorrect entries, bad links, or other errors in the Zotero library to Please also let us know if we missed a publication that should be included in the Salton Sea Library.

Please also see the Salton Sea Project library, a repository for references used in the preparation of technical review materials for the Water Importation Expert Panel. This was used primarily to streamline the creation of bibliographies and to centrally store any useful materials as a resource for research on the Salton Sea. To request access to this database or to request more information contact Daniel Hastings at The Salton Sea Project library contains nearly 500 entries, including many Salton Sea-related reports and cases, laws, and related documents.

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