Fire and Water: An Examination of the Technologies, Institutions, and Social Issues in Arms Control and Transboundary Water-Resources Agreements

Published: June 2002

Authors: Elizabeth Chalecki, Peter Gleick, Kelli Larson, Arian Pregenzer, and Aaron Wolf

Pages: 14



Almost every major river in the world is shared by two or more nations, and conflicts over water, already serious in some places, will likely grow over the coming years as climate change, pollution, and population growth take their toll. This report explores how technologies developed to control the spread of weapons can be used to improve agreements over shared natural resources. Additionally, it considers how natural resource management can inform the field of arms control.

This report is based on the findings of a 2002 workshop sponsored by the Pacific Institute, Oregon State University, and Sandia National Laboratory that explored the connections between the fields of arms control and natural resource management. It appeared in the journal Environmental Change and Security Project Report, published by the Woodrow Wilson Center.