Publication | July 10, 2019

When the River Meets the Sea

This presentation on the Salton Sea presented by Michael Cohen at the 2019 GWC Summer Conference covers progress at the sea, the Colorado River and the sea, new bargains, and potential solutions.

Blog | March 18, 2013

Salton Sea

Since 2005, the surface elevation of the Sea has fallen by about a half foot per year, exposing thousands of acres of former lakebed to the desert’s blowing winds. Salinity at the Sea now exceeds 50 g/L – a third saltier than the ocean. And salinity continues to rise. Legislation enabling the 2003 water transfer agreement required the state to develop a restoration plan.

Publication | September 10, 2010


On behalf of the following undersigned organizations representing environmental, hunting and fishing interests, we write to respectfully urge you to sign SB 51.

Publication | October 10, 2009

State Not Meeting Salton Sea Responsibilities

The Legislature and much of California remain locked in a fight over the future of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Not so long ago, there was a similar fight over California's other major water source, the Colorado River...

Publication | August 15, 2008

Save the Salton Sea

This op-ed essay was written by Michael Cohen of the Pacific Institute for the Riverside Press-Enterprise to address the public health and ecological crisis developing around California's Salton Sea.

Publication | October 28, 2007

The Best Plan for the Salton Sea is Yet to Come

Right in the middle of one of the driest deserts in North America lies California’s largest lake, the little-known and oft-maligned Salton Sea.  The Sea and its environs are one of the most important spots on the map for birds, with more than 400 species of birds – often numbering in the millions of individual birds – visiting the Sea every year.