Dr. Peter Gleick to Speak at AREDAY Summit in Colorado

Dr. Peter Gleick will deliver the opening keynote address, “The World’s Water: Status, Challenges, Solutions” at the American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) summit at the Viceroy Hotel in Snomass, Colorado on August 17, 2019.

Pacific Institute to Co-Host Salton Sea Summit

With the generous support of the Water Foundation and the Bureau of Reclamation, the Pacific Institute and the University of California, Riverside will host a Salton Sea Summit October 17th to 18th at the University of California, Riverside/Palm Desert campus.

Heather Cooley and Dr. Sarah Diringer of the Pacific Institute to Attend WaterSmart Innovations Conference & Expo in Las Vegas

Pacific Institute Director of Research Heather Cooley and Senior Researcher Dr. Sarah Diringer will attend the WaterSmart Innovations Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas from October 2nd to 3rd. Dr. Diringer will present “Multiple Benefits of Sustainable Landscapes,” along with Lisa Cuellar from the California Water Efficiency Partnership.

Dr. Anne Thebo of the Pacific Institute to Present at WateReuse Symposium in San Diego

Dr. Anne Thebo of the Pacific Institute will present at the WateReuse Symposium in San Diego, California, on September 9th. Her presentation is titled “Evaluating Economic and Environmental Benefits of Water Reuse for Agriculture.” 

Heather Cooley of Pacific Institute to Speak at One Water Summit in Austin

Pacific Institute Director of Research Heather Cooley, Senior Researcher Dr. Sarah Diringer,  and Senior Researcher Dr. Laura Feinstein will attend the One Water Summit in Austin, Texas, September 18th 20 20th. The summit is organized by the U.S. Water Alliance. 

July 2019 Newsletter

Plumbing the Depths: Californians Without Toilets and Running Water, The CEO Water Mandate: Advancing Water Stewardship, Water Risk Management for the Private Sector, and More

New Report Released on Access to Water and Sanitation in California

A new report released today by the Pacific Institute finds that in 2015, 208,000 Californians lacked toilets, while 211,000 lacked hot and cold running water.

Mai-Lan Ha of the Pacific Institute to Speak at “SDGs in Brazil 2019” Conference in New York City

Mai-Lan Ha of the Pacific Institute will moderate a panel on water and sanitation at the “SDGs in Brazil 2019 – The Role of the Private Sector” conference in New York City on July 16, 2019.

Cora Kammeyer of the Pacific Institute to Speak at Cities of Tomorrow Conference in California

“Cities of Tomorrow,” a three-day event organized by the Silicon Valley Forum, focuses on the way our current technological advances can help us develop a more sustainable environment scaled to the size of a city.

Michael Cohen of the Pacific Institute to Join SWRCB Meeting in Sacramento

On June 18th, Michael Cohen, Senior Researcher at the Pacific Institute, will attend the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Salton Sea informational update in Sacramento.

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