Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison to Attend COP 25 in Madrid

The effects of climate change are being felt around the world, with the changing climate affecting every aspect of the hydrologic cycle. Immediate action is needed to improve our understanding of water-related risks from climate change and to explore and implement strategies to reduce these risks.

This week, Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison will participate in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 25) in Madrid. The conference will bring together diverse stakeholders from around the globe to decide on crucial next steps in the UN climate change process. Mr. Morrison will attend the Water Action Event at the conference on December 6th, which has three main objectives:

  1. Provide concrete examples of businesses, industries, governments, local actors, and agricultural producers and distributors that have implemented resilient water management tools and approaches in different governance scales and geographies;
  2. Highlight solutions and case studies already being undertaken by companies, organizations, cities, and countries. There will also be an emphasis on innovative finance instruments, such as green bonds; and
  3. Showcase the work of the Global Commission on Adaptation, specifically the commission’s Water Action Tack, which is mobilizing hundreds of millions of dollars to support climate change adaptation efforts.The Pacific Institute has published leading reports on climate change, energy, and water; elucidated the connections between climate change, migration, and conflict; investigated the impacts of climate change on agriculture, as well as adaptation strategies; evaluated the effects of climate change-induced sea-level rise on the California coast; and more. We believe it is not too late to act to slow the rate of climate change and to reduce the ultimate cost to public health, ecosystems, and the economy. We must reduce the severity of future climate change through efforts to cut or mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from our water systems, and we must adapt to climatic changes we can no longer avoid.

    COP 25 will take place over the course of two weeks, from December 2nd through the 13th. The Water Action Event will be held on Friday, December 6th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm GMT+1. Both the COP 25 and the Water Action Event will be held at the IFEMA Feria de Madrid, located at Avda. del Partenón, 5 28042 Madrid, Spain.

    More information about COP 25 can be found here.

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