Want to Help Fight COVID-19? List Your Organization’s Work on the Water Action Hub

Want to Help Fight COVID-19? List Your Organization’s Work on the Water Action Hub

By Lillian Holmes

People around the world are told to wash their hands to “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of COVID-19, but what if you don’t have a sink or tap in your home?

Add Your Project to the Water Action Hub Coronavirus/COVID-19 Portal

Access to handwashing facilities is just one of many connections between COVID-19 and water. Businesses, NGOS, municipalities, and community members can explore these connections and opportunities for action through the Water Action Hub’s Coronavirus/COVID-19 portal. The portal allows users to share knowledge and best practices and find partners for action. 

Organizations and others that have undertaken new water-related measures around COVID-19, perhaps by stepping in to provide drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services to communities or expanding WASH access at the workplace, are invited to get in touch with the Water Action Hub team to receive help listing this work on the .

By collaborating and sharing knowledge, we can strengthen our ability to effectively address the pandemic.

Helping Businesses and Communities Take Action on COVID-19

Around the world, businesses are acting to address COVID-19 and protect against future public health crises, as Pacific Institute researcher Giuliana Chavez Morales describes in her blog post “How Can the World Avoid the Spread of Future Pandemics?” These responses have been a valuable addition to the Water Action Hub’s COVID-19 portal.

Meanwhile, many public health organizations are releasing research and guidance for businesses, utilities, and communities seeking to respond to the pandemic. The COVID-19 portal lists a collection of these resources here.

About the Water Action Hub

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 portal is one of several topic platforms on the Water Action Hub, a project of the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate, for which the Pacific Institute serves as Co-Secretariat.

The Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) portal offers resources relevant to COVID response, as well as a list of organizations seeking to address WASH issues.

The Hub welcomes organizations from universities to charities to businesses to list their water projects and insights and connect with potential future partners. Learn more.

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  1. I’ll like to install borehole and channel water links to people for hand washing, hand sanitizers around.

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