We are applying the Multi-Benefit Framework to test cases that will help to improve the framework’s usability and provide actionable guidance to water managers.

Rainwater Capture on Residential Properties in Austin, Texas (in progress)

Distributed rainwater catchment systems, such as rain gardens and cisterns, can provide local water supply, flood control benefits, and water quality improvements. In Austin, Texas, the Watershed Protection Department and Austin Water are examining how the Rain Catcher Pilot Program can address localized flooding, water quality, and water supply challenges in the region.

In collaboration with Texas Water Trade and National Wildlife Federation, we are analyzing additional benefits that could be provided by these systems and exploring how multiple benefits can help advance collaboration and cooperation among city agencies, community members, and NGOs.

Sustainable Landscapes on Commercial Properties in Southern California (in progress)

Sustainable landscapes can provide multiple benefits, including reductions in outdoor water use, mitigation of stormwater runoff and associated pollutants, increased groundwater recharge, and more. The Pacific Institute is partnering with California Forward, the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA), Green Gardens Group (G3), and Water Policy Consultant, Martha Davis, to advance sustainable landscapes on commercial, industrial, and institutional sites throughout the Santa Ana River Watershed.

In February 2019, we released a report examining the opportunities and barriers for business investment in sustainable landscapes. We also created an interactive mapping tool for local stakeholders to identify areas in the Santa Ana River Watershed that have the greatest potential of benefiting from sustainable landscape installations on commercial and industrial parcels. Through the test case, we are examining the potential benefits of these projects to businesses directly, as well as to the local water agencies and the community.

Seeking Additional Test Cases

We are seeking partners for additional test cases to expand the breadth and depth of the framework, for example, applying the framework for optimizing locations of green infrastructure; providing a business case for water conservation and efficiency; or prioritizing water management projects for grant funding.

Please contact senior researcher, Sarah Diringer, at sdiringer@pacinst.org to learn more!

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