Moving Toward a Multi-Benefit Approach for Water Management outlines the Multi-Benefit Framework for systematically identifying and incorporating multiple benefits and trade-offs into water management decisions.

Sustainable Landscapes on Commercial and Industrial Properties in the Santa Ana River Watershed describes opportunities and barriers for business investment in sustainable landscapes, including the multiple benefits and trade-offs provided by these investments.


Santa Ana Watershed Mapping Tool: Online Mapping Tool for Sustainable Landscapes in the Santa Ana River Watershed.

Blog Posts

Managing Urban Flooding in the San Francisco Bay Area: From a Concrete Bowl to a Green Sponge (December 4, 2019) explores urban flooding in the San Francisco Bay Area — the causes, the dangers and impacts, and how it can be better managed.

Climate Resilience in the Urban Context: Sustainable Landscapes for Southern California Businesses (February 1, 2019) discusses how sustainable landscapes, such as climate-appropriate plants and bioswales, can help build resilience and provide economic and social benefits to local businesses and communities.

The Stormwater Opportunity (October 18, 2018) discusses innovative policies and funding sources for multi-benefit stormwater capture projects that provide water supply and improve water quality.


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