California Farm Water Success Stories: State and Federal Funding Accelerates Efficiency

Published: December 2011

Authors: Juliet Christian-Smith

Pages: 10

A variety of grant and loan programs along with water rate structures are available that provide financial incentives for agricultural producers and water districts to make water management improvements.

The case study State and Federal Financing Accelerates Efficiency: Panoche Water and Drainage District and Sierra Orchards, part of the California Farm Water Success Stories series, focuses on several that have provided financing to update irrigation systems and implement best water management practices on farms and throughout irrigation districts.

Download the case study.
Download the Pacific Institute press release.

Craig McNamara, Walnut Grower, Yolo County

Craig McNamara discusses his use of drip irrigation, tailwater ponds, and sediment traps on his farm. McNamara emphasizes the importance of cost-shares to help farmers implement water stewardship practices.

In addition to these success stories, the Pacific Institute and other members of the California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply have launched an Interactive Database and Map which contains more than 30 case studies, including the Pacific Institute’s success stories, and is searchable by location, production type, irrigation method, and stewardship practice.

Read the California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply press release.


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– Vegetated Waterways and Riparian Restoration
– Industry-Driven Standards for Water Efficiency
– Managing for Multiple Benefits
– Smart Irrigation Scheduling
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– Improved Communication, Monitoring, and Measurement
– Recycled Water and Agriculture
– Volumetric Pricing and Conjunctive Use