New National Water Policy

Testimony of Dr. Peter H. Gleick
Before the Subcommittee on Water and Power of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
For the Hearing on Opportunities and challenges to address domestic and global water supply issues
Recommendations to Congress for Fundamental Changes in National Water Policy
December 8, 2011

Madame Chairman, Senators: I would like to thank the Committee for the opportunity to address threats and opportunities facing the Nation’s freshwater resources and to offer specific recommendations for a 21st century U.S. water policy.

The water crisis around the nation and around the world is growing, presenting new threats to our economy and environment, but also offering new opportunities for better and coordinated responses. We have long known that we need coordinated federal planning for water; but such coordination remains an elusive goal. And the nation faces new water challengessuch as climate change, new pollutants, and decaying infrastructure.

My written and oral testimony will addresstwo broad issues:
1. The kinds of water challenges we face at the national and international levels, and
2. The kinds of responses we need at the federal level. […]

Download the full testimony here