Presentation: The Untapped Potential of California’s Urban Water Supply

Published: April 2022

Authors: Heather Cooley, Anne Thebo, Sonali Abraham, Morgan Shimabuku, Peter Gleick, and Sarah Diringer

Pages: 39



In this presentation, Pacific Institute experts provided a deep dive into the untapped potential of California’s alternative water supplies: urban water efficiency, water reuse, and stormwater capture. They shared the results from an April 2022 analysis quantifying dramatic opportunities to reduce the gap between water supply and use through innovative, cost-effective, and technologically feasible strategies.

Although the findings are specific to California, they have the potential to inform water decisions across the United States and beyond, as drought-prone communities seek to build water resilience amid the intensifying impacts of climate change.


Report: “The Untapped Potential of California’s Urban Water Supply: Water Efficiency, Water Reuse, and Stormwater Capture”