Publication | December 20, 2002

Fact Sheet on the Proposed Imperial Valley-San Diego Water Transfer

On December 9, 2002 the Imperial Valley Irrigation district voted not to transfer water to San Diego as outlined in the Hertzberg negotiated settlement. This means that the proposed Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA) will not go forward. If this deal falls through, California's Metropolitan Water District (MWD) will get 800,000 acre-feet less water next year.

Publication | July 25, 2002

Water Management: Soft Water Paths

The soft path seeks to improve the overall productivity of water use and deliver water services matched to the needs of end users, rather than seeking sources of new supply.

Publication | June 28, 2002

The World’s Water, Volume 3

The third volume in the The World’s Water book series, The World’s Water: 2002-2003 explores and proposes solutions to a variety of critical water issues including the global water crisis, global warming and water, the privatization and globalization of water, and and water-related conflicts.