Blog | February 21, 2005

Pacific Institute Responds to Misleading Commentary by Wayne Lusvardi

On Friday February 25th, the Sacramento Bee published an opinion essay by Pacific Institute President Dr. Peter H. Gleick on the pending renewal of heavily subsidized federal contracts associated with the Central Valley Project in California. Although we welcome criticism and open debate, Lusvardi’s attack against our essay is characterized by intentional distortions, simple errors, misquotations, misleading logic, and ad hominem attacks.

Publication | January 5, 2005

After the Asian Tsunami Disaster, Water Crisis Will Remain

The tragedy that has unfolded over the past week in Asia reminds us of the power of water to both give life and take it away. As the death toll rises from the earthquake and devastating tsunami, efforts to provide all manner of aid are picking up speed and urgency.

Publication | November 26, 2004

West Oakland Health Survey

Water managers face significant challenges in meeting the water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater management needs of the communities they serve.

Publication | November 12, 2004

The World’s Water, Volume 4

In this fourth volume of his highly regarded series, Gleick and his research team focus on the most significant current trends worldwide: how to meet the basic needs of over 1 billion people without access to clean water, the growing controversy over public vs. private water, the role of conservation and efficiency in solving water problems, and concerns about skyrocketing bottled water use.