Blog | January 11, 2006

Research in India: The Holy Grail

There are passions that drive people. Finding a cure for cancer. Stopping the spread of AIDS. Improving wastewater treatment in India has always been my holy grail (It’s a strange holy grail to be sure. But what is even stranger, I’ve found a small cadre of those who are equally passionate about it).

Publication | September 15, 2005

California Water 2030: An Efficient Future

What will the future hold for California’s water? Will resources dwindle, causing conflict and hardship, or will increased conservation measures and cooperation provide enough for all?

Publication | July 5, 2005

Deluged by Diesel: Healthy Solutions for West County

There is an estimated six times more diesel pollution released per square mile in the western part of California’s Contra Costa County than in the county as a whole, and 40 times more than in the rest of the state. Diesel pollution has been identified as one of the biggest health threats in California and is linked to cancer, heart disease, premature death, asthma, and other health problems.