Blog | July 13, 2013

Economic Justice and the Green Economy

Advancing sustainability entails developing economic strategies that preserve ecosystems, minimize and mitigate impacts on society, and address social disparities and injustice. Jobs and wealth are intimately entwined with the use of water, other natural resources, and local populations.

Blog | March 19, 2013

Green Jobs and Water

The transition toward more sustainable approaches to managing, delivering, and treating freshwater involves workers in many different sectors of the economy and shifts in markets, occupations, and jobs created.

Blog | March 18, 2013

Sustainability Standards Systems

Over the past two decades, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people who have looked to align their social and environmental values with the way they spend their money. This nascent shift in capitalism spans from the certified organic food people eat, to the ethically produced shoes and clothes they wear, to the Socially Responsible financial investments they make for retirement. Partly in response to this emerging societal phenomenon, companies large and small and other institutions (including government and the financial sector) are also seeking to work with suppliers and partners that have a positive track record regarding their social and environmental practices.

Publication | March 25, 2010

California Farm Water Success Stories

California’s agricultural industry is a lynchpin of the state’s economy. But the effects of climate change, as well as pressures such as population growth, have significant impacts on water supply, raising concerns about water management in the agricultural sector. This series of case studies and interviews describes the practices of innovative California farm water managers.