Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1 – Introduction:  Section 1 Introduction     |      Metropolitan’s Main Supply Lines     |      Cadiz Project Alternatives      

Section 2 – Assessment of Project Need and Purpose: Assessment of Project Need and Purpose     |       Metropolitan’s Service Area     |       Metropolitan Member Agencies     |        Major Groundwater Basins Within Metropolitan’s Service Area    

Section 3 -Formulation of Screening Potential Projects and Site-Specific Alternatives: Formulation and Screening of Potential Projects and Site-Specific Alternatives      |     Additional Conveyance Alignment Considered     |     Screening – Level Water Conveyance Alignments     |       Proposed Wellfield and Manifold System     |      Generalized Location of the Cadiz Project Facilities      |     Bristol, Cadiz, Fenner, and Orange Blossom Wash Watershed

Section 4 – Description of the Project Alternatives 

Section 5 – Affected Environment, Impacts and Mitigation

Section 6 – Growth Inducement Impacts

Section 7 – Cumulative Impacts

Section 8 – Unavoidable Significant Adverse Impacts

Section 9 – Short Term Versus Long Term Productivity Impacts

Section 10 – Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources

Section 11 – Selection of the Environmentally Preferred Project Alternative: Relative Ranking of Alternatives     |     Selection of the Environmentally Preferred Project Alternative

Section 12 – Public Involvement and Agencies and Persons Consulted

Section 13 – Permits Required for the Cadiz Project

Section 14 – List of Preparers

Section 15 – References

Section 16 – Glossary of Terms, Acronyms and Units of Measurement

Section 17 – Index

Volume 1 Appendices

Appendix A — California Desert Plan Amendment Process A-1

Appendix B — Traffic Analysis Tables B-1

Appendix C — Air Quality Analysis Tables C-1

Attachment C1 — Construction Emission Factors

Attachment C2 — Construction Emissions for the Eastern Alternative

Attachment C3 — Construction Emissions for the Western Alternative

Attachment C4 — Construction Emissions for the Combination Alternative

Attachment C5 — Construction Emissions for the Eastern/Canal Alternative

Attachment C6 — Operational Emission Factors and Emissions

Appendix D — Findings and Determinations for Historic Properties D-1

Appendix E — Correspondence Regarding Clean Water Act Section 404 E-1.xi

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