The Cadiz Report is broken down into four volumes. Each of the Volumes has an introduction and executive summary and most have an appendicies. 

The Executive Summary for the Cadiz Groundwater Storage and Dry-Year Supply Program report can be read here: 

Executive Summary 

Figure ES-1: Generalized Location of the Cadiz Project Facilities

Figure ES-2: Metropolitan’s Service Area

Figure ES-3: Cadiz Project Alternatives

Cadiz Report – Vol. 1

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1 – Introduction:  Section 1 Introduction     |      Metropolitan’s Main Supply Lines     |      Cadiz Project Alternatives      

Section 2 – Assessment of Project Need and Purpose: Assessment of Project Need and Purpose     |       Metropolitan’s Service Area     |       Metropolitan Member Agencies     |        Major Groundwater Basins Within Metropolitan’s Service Area    

Section 3 -Formulation of Screening Potential Projects and Site-Specific Alternatives: Formulation and Screening of Potential Projects and Site-Specific Alternatives      |     Additional Conveyance Alignment Considered     |     Screening – Level Water Conveyance Alignments     |       Proposed Wellfield and Manifold System     |      Generalized Location of the Cadiz Project Facilities      |     Bristol, Cadiz, Fenner, and Orange Blossom Wash Watershed

Section 4 – Description of the Project Alternatives 

Section 5 – Affected Environment, Impacts and Mitigation 

Section 6 – Growth Inducement Impacts

Section 7 – Cumulative Impacts

Section 8 – Unavoidable Significant Adverse Impacts

Section 9 – Short Term Versus Long Term Productivity Impacts

Section 10 – Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources

Section 11 – Selection of the Environmentally Preferred Project Alternative: Relative Ranking of Alternatives     |     Selection of the Environmentally Preferred Project Alternative

Section 12 – Public Involvement and Agencies and Persons Consulted

Section 13 – Permits Required for the Cadiz Project

Section 14 – List of Preparers

Section 15 – References

Section 16 – Glossary of Terms, Acronyms and Units of Measurement

Section 17 – Index

Volume 1 Appendices

Appendix A — California Desert Plan Amendment Process A-1

Appendix B — Traffic Analysis Tables B-1

Appendix C — Air Quality Analysis Tables C-1

Attachment C1 — Construction Emission Factors

Attachment C2 — Construction Emissions for the Eastern Alternative

Attachment C3 — Construction Emissions for the Western Alternative

Attachment C4 — Construction Emissions for the Combination Alternative

Attachment C5 — Construction Emissions for the Eastern/Canal Alternative

Attachment C6 — Operational Emission Factors and Emissions

Appendix D — Findings and Determinations for Historic Properties D-1

Appendix E — Correspondence Regarding Clean Water Act Section 404 E-1.xi


Cadiz Report – Vol. 2

Table of Contents

Volume II Appendicies

Appendix A — Notices

Appendix B — Project Brochures

Appendix C — Distribution List for Draft EIR/EIS

Appendix D — Public Hearing Attendance Sheets


Cadiz Report – Vol. 3

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Summary of Public Participation Process

Section 2 – Comments Received on the Supplement to the Draft EIR/EIS

Section 3 – Master Responses

Section 4 – Detailed Responses to Comments on the Supplement to the Draft EIR/EIS

Volume III Appendicies

Appendix A — Notices

Appendix B — Project Brochures: Color Brochure — Q & A      |     Color Brochure 2 — Protecting Environmental Resources

Appendix C — Distribution List for Supplement

Appendix D — Public Hearing Attendance Sheets


Cadiz Report – Vol. 4

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction     |     Figure 1 — Location of the Bristol, Cadiz, Fenner, and Orange Blossom Wash Watersheds     |     Figure 2 — Proposed Project Wellfield and Spreading Basins    |      Figure 3 — Proposed Project Facilities

Section 2 – Critical Resources and Potential Adverse Impacts in or Adjacent to the Project Area

Section 3 – Water Resources Model

Section 4 – Air Quality Analysis Related to Mobilization of Lakebed Dust

Section 5 – Monitoring Network

Section 6 – Monitoring, Testing and Reporting Procedures

Section 7:  Action Criteria, Decision-Making Process and Corrective Measures      |     Figure 10 — Decision-Making Process

Section 8 – Closure Plan and Post-Operational Reporting

Section 9 – Technical Review Panel

Section 10 – BLM Authorized Officer

Volume IV Appendices  

Appendix A — ASTM D5092-90, Standard Practice for Design and Installation of Groundwater Observation Wells in Aquifers

Appendix B — Groundwater Level Monitoring Protocol

Appendix C — Groundwater Sampling Protocol

Appendix D — Water Quality Analytical Protocol

Appendix E — Data Management Plan

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