About Us: Staff and Board

Pacific Institute Staff


Dr. Peter H. Gleick
, President and Co-founder

Dr. Peter Gleick is renowned the world over as a leading expert, innovator, and communicator on water and climate issues. He co-founded and leads the Pacific Institute based in Oakland, California. The Institute is an innovative and independent science-based organization that creates and advances solutions to the world’s water challenges. Read full bio here.


Terry Asbury
, Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Terry Asbury joined Pacific Institute in November 2009 in the role of Executive Assistant to co-founder and President, Peter Gleick, and Globalization Program Director, Jason Morrison. Before working at the Institute, Ms. Asbury was employed by HSBC Bank for 36 years at various locations throughout the United States. Read full bio here.


Michael J. Cohen
, Senior Research Associate

Michael J. Cohen is a Senior Research Associate with the Pacific Institute. Mr. Cohen’s work focuses on water use in the Colorado River basin and delta region and the restoration of the Salton Sea ecosystem. Read full bio here.


Heather Cooley
, Water Program Director

Heather Cooley is Director of the Pacific Institute’s Water Program. She conducts and oversees research on an array of water issues, such as the connections between water and energy, sustainable water use and management, and the hydrologic impacts of climate change. Read full bio here.

Kristina Donnelly
, Research Associate

Kristina Donnelly is a research associate with the Pacific Institute Water Program. Her research interests include: the social, economic, and policy aspects of water conservation; conflict and conflict management over transboundary water resources; low-impact development and green infrastructure policy and planning; and U.S. water policy and economics. Read full bio here.

Cindy Foley
, Finance and Operations Manager

Cindy Foley is the Finance and Operations Manager for the Pacific Institute. Ms. Foley brings a wealth of experience working with small companies to achieve and maintain fiscal viability. Read full bio here.


Mai-Lan Ha
, Senior Research Associate

Mai-Lan Ha is a Senior Research Associate for the Pacific Institute’s Corporate Sustainability program focusing on its international standards and corporate water stewardship programs. She brings her international development and commerce experience having worked at the community, national, and regional levels in Southeast Asia. Read full bio here.

Matthew Heberger
, Senior Research Associate

Matthew Heberger is a Senior Research Associate with the Pacific Institute’s Water Program. Mr. Heberger’s research interests include the planning and management of groundwater and surface water, water conservation and efficiency, and the impacts of climate change on water resources. Read full bio here.

Deb Janes
, Development and Communications Director

Deb Janes joined the Pacific Institute in 2014 to lead its fund development efforts and oversee its communications activities. Prior to joining the Pacific Institute, Deb held fund development leadership and management positions in environmental, investigative journalism, and community-focused nonprofits. Read full bio here.


Jason Morrison
, Corporate Sustainability Program Director

Jason Morrison has been with the Pacific Institute since 1993. He directs the Institute’s Corporate Sustainability Program, where he is currently studying the policy implications of private sector sustainability initiatives, with a focus on freshwater-related business risks and on sustainable water management in the business community. Read full bio here.

Amanda Pebler
, Communications Associate

Amanda Pebler is the Communications Associate for the Pacific Institute. She oversees the Institute’s online presences and supports staff to enhance the Institute’s effectiveness in advancing sustainable water management. Read full bio here.

Heather Rippman
, Senior Research Associate 

Heather Rippman is a Senior Research Associate on the Corporate Sustainability team at the Pacific Institute. Her work supports multinational corporations to advance water stewardship in direct operations and supply chains, and to improve water management in at-risk regions via collective action between the private sector, governments, civil society and intergovernmental organizations. Read full bio here.

Peter Schulte
, Senior Research Associate

Peter Schulte is a Senior Research Associate for the Pacific Institute’s Corporate Sustainability Program. His work focuses on corporate water stewardship, including work on the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate. His efforts on this initiative include research on corporate water reporting, human rights, accounting methodologies, and business engagement with water policy. Read full bio here.

Pete Stanga
, Chief Operating Officer

Pete Stanga is the Chief Operating Officer at Pacific Institute. He has two decades of experience in leadership roles with international non-profits. Before joining the Institute, Mr. Stanga worked in the fields of Human Rights and International Development, focusing much of his career on increasing the quantity and quality of funding for locally run initiatives in the global South. Read full bio here.

Stefanie Woodward
, Research Associate

Stefanie Woodward comes to the Pacific Institute from the World Wildlife Fund, where she has been analyzing supply chain vulnerabilities associated with the production of high-risk commodities. Stefanie holds a Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where she specialized in adaptation to climate change with emphases on water resource and supply chain management. Read full bio here.



Pacific Institute Board

Dawnet Beverley, Graduate of the University of Technology in Jamaica, the City University of New York, and most recently Dawnet received a master’s degree from Pepperdine University. She has ascended the management ranks in RR Donnelley & Sons Co., the Chicago-based provider of information management and communications services.  Dawnet manages the company’s western region that focuses on financial information management and communications services with offices in all major cities in the western United States.

Peter Boyer, Trustee of The Ayrshire Foundation, member of the National Advisory Board of the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Chair for Rocky Mountain Institute National Solutions Council.

Kelly Cash, Berkeley-based consultant in non-profit content strategy.  For two decades she was a central brand-builder for The Nature Conservancy, on teams that took the organization from 300,000 to over 1 million members and pioneered community-based conservation.

Dr. Anne H. Ehrlich, Senior Research Associate, Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University.

Dr. Peter H. Gleick, President of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security.

Dr. Corey Goodman, Managing Partner of venBio Partners, LLC, Adjunct  Professor at U.C. Berkeley, and Chair of the Board of Second Genome,  Oligasis, Ossianix, Solstice Biologics, Heart Metabolics, and Alexo Therapeutics. Corey is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, and is Chair of the California Council of Science and Technology.

Dr. Malo André Hutson, Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, Department of City and Regional Planning, specializing in community and economic development, regional planning, and urban health.

Olivier J. Marie, Vice Chair —  business strategist, former Partner at Accenture and Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc.

Jennifer McFarlane has over 25 years’ experience as a CFO in early stage companies, including two involved in developing clean technologies, as well as an investment banker, principally at Salomon Brothers.  She has been a board member on four non-profit organizations and one publicly traded company.  Ms. McFarlane is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Richard Morrison, former Senior Vice President and Director of Environmental Policies & Programs, Bank of America.

Tony Stayner balances his time between his independent investing and non-profit work, including the Board of Trustees at Crystal Springs Uplands School and as a mentor and judge for BigIdeas@Berkeley. He previously has served on the boards of Water.org and The Carey School, and has spent 20+ years managing and advising in high growth situations, including Serena Software, Network General Corporation, and Common Ground Software.

Dr. Robert Stephens, chairperson — Founder and former President of the Multi-State Working Group on Environmental Performance (MSWG). Retired in 2004 as the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management and Sustainability at the California Environmental Protection Agency, he is currently the Chair of the International Committee of MSWG and serves as Secretariat to the United Nations Environmental Program, Best Practices Network for Sustainable Development.

Professor Michael J. Watts, Professor, Geography Department at the University of California, Berkeley where he specializes in Third World development, forestry issues, and world geography.