Around the globe, approximately 2.2 billion people lack safe drinking water, and around 4.2 billion people lack safely managed sanitation. Even in the United States, access to water and sanitation is not universal. Climate change threatens to worsen income disparities and current inequities in access to clean, reliable, and affordable water and sanitation.  

It is imperative that climate resilience strategies address the needs of frontline communities and that efforts to meet water and sanitation needs consider climate change impacts. 

The Pacific Institute is addressing climate impacts on access to water and sanitation, as well as livelihoods and wellbeing for frontline communities in the United States and around the world. This critical work helps ensure investments that address the current humanitarian crisis also consider climate change and the related uncertainties. 




Pacific Institute Launches New Water & Climate Equity Strategy for United States

History of Pacific Institute Work on Sustainability Equity and Justice 1987 – 2022 

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Three Essential Ingredients to Resilient Agricultural Supply Chains 

Water and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Equity Dimensions of Utility Disconnections in the U.S. 

Climate-Equitable Water

Plumbing the Depths: Californians Without Toilets and Running Water 

Measuring Progress Toward Universal Access to Water and Sanitation in California: Defining Goals, Indicators, and Performance Measures

Drought and Equity in California


Insights from COP25: The (Interconnected) Pillars of Water System Transformation

Published: December 2019

At both major international climate events this year – COP25 in Madrid this month and the Climate Action Summit in New York City in September – there was a clear, resounding message from the environmental community: “We are exactly on track to where we don’t want to go, and change is needed now.” This message, while not new, was spoken this year with unprecedented urgency...

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Advancing Innovative Water Efficiency Solutions at the WaterSmart Innovations Conference 2022

Published: November 2022

Pacific Institute research and innovative solutions related to water efficiency and conservation were recently featured at the 2022 WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas. From October 4 to 6, technical sessions covered a spectrum of water efficiency and conservation topics, including advancing the adoption of water-efficient products, alternative water supplies, and marketing and outreach.

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Technical Assistance

Published: March 2013

The Pacific Institute lends its technical expertise through targeted assistance to organizations doing work consistent with our values and mission. Institute staff are leading professionals in diverse fields including engineering, environmental health, hydrology, economics, geography, and policy and planning.

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