The CEO Water Mandate: Sixth Working Conference

Published: November 2010
Authors: Gavin Power
Pages: 19

Full Summary


On Monday, November 15, the Mandate and World Economic Forum (WEF) Water Initiative, in collaboration with WWF-South Africa, co-convened a multi-stakeholder workshop aimed at discussing the potential for public-private partnerships to address key water challenges in South Africa. This event included the official release of the Mandate’s Guide to Responsible Business Engagement with Water Policy, an introduction to Phase Two work of the WEF Water Initiative’s Water Resource Group, a series of roundtable discussions on watershed-level issues in South Africa, and a larger discussion exploring key themes of the day.

The workshop began with Gavin Power (Head, CEO Water Mandate) providing background information on the Mandate, its origins, goals, workstreams, and future plans, while underscoring its commitment to facilitating partnerships between business and governments to address shared water risk.


Key Objectives:

  • Share information on how to implement effective and responsible partnerships on water
  • Bring together stakeholders from different sectors to facilitate such partnerships on the ground
  • Better understand important water issues and challenges in South Africa