Deluged by Diesel: Healthy Solutions for West County

Published: July 2005

Authors: Meena Palaniappan, Fanta Kamakate, and Emily Lee

Pages: 24



Published in 2005, the findings and recommendations in this report remain relevant as communities in this area continue to grapple with diesel pollution. The report, developed together with a coalition of community partners, recommends a host of solutions developed by community residents and project partners to address the threat of diesel pollution. These include financial incentives to get the dirtiest trucks off the road or retrofitted, better enforcement of a five-minute idling law, zoning and land use policies to limit land use conflicts between residential areas and sources of diesel pollution, and the creation of a regional truck route with signs to ensure drivers know the best route to avoid residential areas.

Neighborhood House of North Richmond, Community Health Initiative, West County Toxics Coalition, and Contra Costa Health Services contributed to this report.