Key Issues in Seawater Desalination in California: Proposed Seawater Desalination Facilities

Published: July 2012

Authors: Heather Cooley and Kristina Donnelly

Pages: 16



In 2006, the Pacific Institute published “Desalination, With a Grain of Salt,” a comprehensive overview of the advantages and disadvantages of seawater desalination to help meet California’s water needs. In 2012, the Institute launched a series of research reports identifying the key outstanding issues for desalination in California: cost and financing; energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions; and marine impacts. That year, the Institute also released this white paper, which provides an overview on the proposed seawater desalination plants in the state. Maps are provided, along with the locations and details about California’s existing and proposed seawater desalination facilities.

Interest in seawater desalination remains high in California. This white paper was updated in 2016.


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