Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines: Towards a Common Approach to Report Water Issues

Published: September 2014

Authors: Peter Schulte, Jason Morrison, Lauren Koopman, Natalie Allan, Cate Lamb, Karina de Souza, Marcus Norton, Tien Shiao, and Paul Reig

Pages: 92



Water disclosure initiatives have catalyzed significant progress toward more sustainable corporate water management. However, the proliferation of water assessment and disclosure tools and methodologies has also led to:

  • Companies diverting important resources to complete multiple water or sustainability surveys of varying content
  • Companies using a variety of metrics that are not easily comparable, thereby weakening the value of disclosure offerings

Key Findings

Recommendations include:

  • Companies utilize the 3 pillars of the Corporate Water Disclosure Framework, which consist of outlining a company water profile, defining what to report, and providing supporting detail for what they report.

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