Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines: Towards a Common Approach to Report Water Issues

Published: September 2014

Authors: Peter Schulte, Jason Morrison, Lauren Koopman, Natalie Allan, Cate Lamb, Karina de Souza, Marcus Norton, Tien Shiao, and Paul Reig

Pages: 92

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Executive Summary
CEO Water Mandate Terminology


Water disclosure initiatives have catalyzed significant progress toward more sustainable corporate water management. However, the proliferation of water assessment and disclosure tools and methodologies has also led to:

  • Companies diverting important resources to complete multiple water or sustainability surveys of varying content
  • Companies using a variety of metrics that are not easily comparable, thereby weakening the value of disclosure offerings

Key Findings

Recommendations include:

  • Companies utilize the 3 pillars of the Corporate Water Disclosure Framework, which consist of outlining a company water profile, defining what to report, and providing supporting detail for what they report.