California Farm Water Success Stories

California Farm Water Success Stories

Published: March 2010

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California Farm Water Success Stories


California’s agricultural industry is a lynchpin of the state’s economy. But the effects of climate change, as well as pressures such as population growth, have significant impacts on water supply, raising concerns about water management in the agricultural sector. This series of case studies and interviews describes the practices of innovative California farm water managers. The case studies present detailed ways to manage water for distinct needs that provide multiple benefits to diverse stakeholders.

The Farm Water Steward Award was established to recognize leaders and innovators in water stewardship across the California agricultural community. In 2012, Yolo County farmer John Stephens received the inaugural Farm Water Steward Award from the Pacific Institute. Madera County almond grower Tom Rogers was the recipient of the 2014 Farm Water Steward Award jointly presented by the Pacific Institute, Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), and Ag Innovations Network.


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