Environmental Health and Justice

Environmental Health and Justice

By Pacific Institute Staff

Who profits from our use of environmental resources? Who suffers the consequences of pollution and environmental degradation? Creating and sustaining healthy and thriving neighborhood environments is a challenge, particularly in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color, who carry disproportionate environmental burdens. Issues from access to safe water and sanitation, air quality, access to open space, employment opportunities, healthy food, and more are issues of both environment and of justice. Decisions from where to build a dam to where build a wastewater treatment plant to the siting of toxic facilities, truck routes, and liquor stores – and who is at the table where the decisions are made – are matters of environmental health and justice.

The Pacific Institute partners with community-based organizations and coalitions both in the U.S. and abroad to build community power to create and sustain healthy and thriving neighborhood environments. Building the community power to self-determine the environment they live in is the most effective and sustainable way to create solutions to environmental, economic, and health disparities. Bringing community voices to the decision-making process is necessary to ensure that all communities have access to environmental benefits.



3 thoughts on “Environmental Health and Justice”

  1. i have reported my balcony flooded seince the 15th oct ,i was told someone would be out on the 23 , no one came so i called whg , they told me an inspector was comeing out on the 7 th , well he never showed , i called again , then somone came out , i though to sort it , but it was the inspector , ive heard nothing , ive called twice since still , nothing being done , they say its not an emergencie , well now it smell , and im hettinf insects flying infg in , i self catheterise , so have health issues , but that seems to make no difference ,

  2. Our next door neighbors have about 50 black bags of Rubbish in their front garden which is adjoined to ours. They never put their bins out and it stinks. There are flies all over the place, dead mice and birds and now we have had mice in our front garden.

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