Description of the Project Alternatives

Figure 4-1 Alternatives

Figure 4-2 Eastern Alternative

Figure 4-3 Eastern Alternative Hydraulic Profile

Figure 4-4 Typical Cross Section for Water Conveyance Facilities Construction and Operations

Figure 4-5 Western Alternative

Figure 4-6 Western Alternative Hydraulic Profile

Figure 4-7 Cadiz Pumping Plant (West Portal)

Figure 4-8 Combination Alternative

Figure 4-9 Combination Alternative Hydraulic Profile

Figure 4-10 Eastern/Canal Alternative

Figure 4-11 Eastern/Canal Alternative Hydraulic Profile

Figure 4-12 Typical Cross Section for Canal Construction

Figure 4-13 Intermediate Pumping Plant No. 1

Figure 4-14 Intermediate Pumping Plant No. 1 Detail

Figure 4-15 Project Wellfield and Spreading Basin Site Plan

Figure 4-16 Project Spreading Basins Profile

Figure 4-17 Project Spreading Basins Profile

Figure 4-18 Typical Project Spreading Basin Control Structure

Figure 4-19 Typical Project Spreading Basin Inlet Structure

Figure 4-20 Typical Project Spreading Basin Flow Control Structure

Figure 4-21 Proposed Wellfield and Manifold System

Figure 4-22 Typical Well Cross Section

Figure 4-23 Typical Well Plan and Profile

Figure 4-24 Instrumentation and Controls

Figure 4-25 Typical Project Wellfield Substation

Figure 4-26 Typical 69 kV Power Pole

Figure 4-27 Electric Facilities at Iron Mountain Pumping Plant

Figure 4-28 Intermediate Staging Area

Figure 4-29 Cadiz Pumping Plant (West Portal) Staging Area

Figure 4-30 Cadiz Pumping Plant Access Road

Figure 4-31 Cadiz Pumping Plant Staging Area

Figure 4-32 Typical Appurtenant Facilities

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