Pacific Institute to Present Virtual Sessions for World Water Week

Each year, World Water Week in Stockholm brings together experts and stakeholders from around the globe to converse on global water issues. Although World Water Week in Stockholm was cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Stockholm International Water Institute, which sponsors the event, is coordinating virtual sessions.

The Pacific Institute will hold several virtual sessions for World Water Week from August 24th through 27th 2020. The UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate, for which the Pacific Institute serves as Co-Secretariat, will hold virtual sessions on nature-based solutions, business resilience, a common water accounting framework, and more. The Pacific Institute will co-lead a session on climate-related water conflicts. 

World Water Week Remote Sessions:

August 24 I World Water Week Session: Aligning Measurement and Metrics for Basin Resilience

August 24 I World Water Week Session: Building Resilience at All Levels – from Local to National

August 25 I World Water Week Session: How Does Business Prepare for Short-Term Shocks and Long-Term Resilience to Climate Change?

August 25 I World Water Week Session: Nature-Based Solutions to Address Water Scarcity Due to Climate Change

August 26 I World Water Week Session: Multi-stakeholder Cooperation to Leverage the SDG6 in the Business Agenda

August 28 I World Water Week Session: Reducing the Risks of Climate-Related Water Conflicts 

Read full descriptions of these sessions here