Join us as we discuss solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic to business water resilience.

June 28 I Best Practices for Community Engagement webinar
28 de junio I Las mejores prácticas para la participación comunitaria

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On Tuesday, June 28 at noon PDT, please join a distinguished panel of experts and practitioners for a robust 90-minute conversation about best practices for community engagement. Prof. Chris Benner of UC Santa Cruz will moderate the conversation, joined by Miguel Hernandez of the Salton Sea Management Program, Mariela Loera of Leadership Counsel, Silvia Paz of Alianza ECV, Christian Rodgriguez of KDI, and Frank Ruiz of Audubon. This webinar will be available in English and in Spanish. Topics will include:

  • articulation of how community input is integrated into project objectives and design,
  • requirements for contractors to maintain community engagement throughout project design and construction,
  • differences between public relations and community engagement, and
  • developing a strong framework for responding to community input in a timely and clear manner.

Alianza CV’s 2018 Community Engagement Strategies and Recommendations for the Salton Sea Management Program

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Unase a un distinguido panel de expertos y profesionales para una sólida conversación de 90 minutos sobre las mejores prácticas para la participación comunitaria. El profesor Chris Benner de UC Santa Cruz moderará la conversación, junto con Miguel Hernandez del Programa de Gestión del Salton Sea, Mariela Loera de Leadership Counsel, Silvia Paz de Alianza ECV, Christian Rodríguez de KDI, y Frank Ruiz de Audubon. Este seminario web estará disponible en inglés y en español.

Los temas incluirán:

  • articulación de cómo se integran los aportes de la comunidad en los objetivos y el diseño del proyecto,
  • requisitos para que los contratistas mantengan la participación de la comunidad durante el diseño y la construcción del proyecto,
  • diferencias entre las relaciones públicas y la participación comunitaria, y
  • desarrollar un marco sólido para responder a los aportes de la comunidad de manera oportuna y clara.

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Date/Fecha: June 28/28 de junio
Time/Hora: 12:00pm PT
Language/Idioma: English/español

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June 28-29 I GreenFin

Water: A Rising Tade on the Corporate Agenda. The global water crisis is both an economic and humanitarian crisis — an unmitigated risk to global supply chains, profits and the well-being of communities and populations around the world. Through the U.N. Global Compact, CEO Water Mandate and the Water Resilience Coalition (WRC), a growing cohort of corporations recognize that philanthropy alone won’t suffice to solve the global water crisis. They see themselves as playing an increasingly material role in the innovation, collaboration and delivery of investment capital needed to solve the escalating crisis. Leading voices tackle the increased role corporate water investments have in driving meaningful collective action toward a water-positive future.

Speakers include:

  • Mai-Lan Ha, Deputy Head, CEO Water Mandate, UN Global Compact
  • Emilio Tenuta, SVP & CSO, Ecolab
  • Vedika Bhandarkar, COO,
  • Jackie VanderBrug, Head of Sustainable & Impact Investment Strategy, Bank of America
  • Una Hrnjak-Hadziahmetovic, Head of Sustainability Strategy & Programs, Starbucks
Date: June 29
Time:  9:00am ET
Language: English

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