New Report Explores Businesses Water Resilience in the Colorado River Basin

April 6, Oakland, California – The Pacific Institute today released a report that explores how businesses can help address water challenges in the Colorado River Basin, Scaling Corporate Water Stewardship to Address Water Challenges in the Colorado River Basin. 

The Colorado River Basin states face significant water challenges, including the overallocation of water, long-term drought, and climate change. This report examines a set of business actions and activities, with associated drivers and barriers, to identify how business could address some of the water challenges in the basin.

The authors find businesses can help address challenges and advance water sustainability in the basin by reducing their water footprint or the water footprint of their suppliers, using the collective voice of the business sector to influence and inform public policy, and investing in innovative and collaborative solutions. Additionally, to advance the maturity and reach of their sustainable water practices, businesses in the basin can expand water management, education, decision-making data, and starter tools for evaluating water risks and opportunities.

Ten associated case studies highlight examples of corporate water stewardship best practices applicable to the Western United States and the Colorado River Basin.

Learn more and download the report here.