Dr. Peter Gleick to Speak at AREDAY Summit in Colorado

Dr. Peter Gleick will deliver the opening keynote address, “The World’s Water: Status, Challenges, Solutions” at the American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) summit at the Viceroy Hotel in Snomass, Colorado on August 17th, 2019. He will also moderate the panel discussion “What Does Water Resiliency Look Like in a Changing Climate?”

AREDAY was founded in 2004 by the American Renewable Energy Institute as a one-day renewable energy expo, and is now one of the most important renewable energy conferences in the United States that is held annually in Aspen, Colorado.

The mission of AREDAY is “to create vibrant and powerful cross-sector dialogue, commitments, collaborations and investments that foster climate change solutions at the speed and scale necessary to phase out fossil fuels, and usher in a rapid transition to a new, clean energy economy.”

The summit will take place from August 14th to 17th, 2019 in Snowmass and Aspen, Colorado. The 2019 theme is “The Politics of Change: Creating the New Hydrogen-Carbon Economy.”

Learn more and register to attend here.