White Paper Calls for New Streamgages

Published: November 4, 2005
Author: Michael Cohen
Pages: 13

Data needed on last reaches of Colorado River

Installing new streamgages at specific points on the lower Colorado River would help efforts to restore emergent wetland and riparian habitats in the river delta. According to the Pacific Institute white paper “Understanding Flows Through the Remnant Colorado River Delta: Recommendations for Streamgage Sites and Data Collection,” the current lack of data on the last 75 miles of the river hampers efforts to understand and preserve the river’s threatened final reach.

The installation of streamgages at specific locations noted in the white paper, in conjunction with improved data collection and distribution, would dramatically improve understanding of the hydrology of the lower Colorado River. The paper notes that several existing diplomatic mechanisms could facilitate and expedite the placement and installation of such gages.

“The future of the Colorado River Delta depends on water flowing down the river,” said Michael Cohen, author of the white paper and Senior Research Associate at the Pacific Institute. “Dedicating and documenting river flows will require cooperation and collaboration between the US and Mexico.”

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Hay copias del reportaje en Español:

Entendiendo los Flujos de Agua en el Delta del Río Colorado: Recomendaciones Para la Instalación de Estaciones Hidrométricas y Mejorar la Recolección y Reporte de Datos Hidrológicos (PDF)