Water: Threats and Opportunities: Recommendations for the Next President

Water: Threats and Opportunities: Recommendations for the Next President

Published: October 2008

Authors: Peter Gleick

Pages: 3



Safe and adequate fresh water resources are central to the economy, foreign policy, and security of the United States. The next President of the United States will face four critical domestic and international challenges related to freshwater. These challenges will require unilateral, bilateral, or multilateral action and the special attention the next administration.

Failure to address these challenges will have diplomatic, economic, political, and public health ramifications. This report offers a short assessment of these four problems and 16 key recommendations for addressing them.

Key Findings

Key findings and recommendations include:

Problem 1: Lack of a National Water Policy

  • Recommendation: Develop a 21st century national water policy.


Problem 2: Water-Related Threats to National Interests and Security

  • Recommendation: Spotlight national security issues related to water.


Problem 3: A Continuing Global Water Crisis

  • Recommendation: Expand the role of the u.s. in addressing global water problems.


Problem 4: The Growing Consequences of Climate Change

  • Recommendation: Integrate climate change into all federal water planning and activity