Results of Survey on the Current and Future CSR Landscape

Published: January 7, 2007
Authors: Mari Morikawa, Jason Morrison
Pages: 18

The proliferation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards and initiatives suggests a growing recognition – by civil society groups and businesses alike – that corporations can and should play an active role in advancing sustainability by improving their social and environmental performance. There also is a growing consensus that better and greater coordination is needed among these initiatives in order to strengthen their effectiveness and credibility.

To provide a basis for developing such a coordination strategy, the Pacific Institute, in collaboration with the ISEAL Alliance, AccountAbility, Global Reporting Initiative, and International Institute for Sustainable Development, conducted a survey on the current and future desired landscape for the CSR movement. The overall purpose of the survey was to gather the views of civil society groups and other stakeholders on the current status and future of the various global voluntary CSR instruments and initiatives, and to use this information to lay out a foundation for further discussion on developing a common vision of the desired CSR landscape.

Download Results of Survey on the Current and Future CSR Landscape (PDF)