Measuring What Matters: Neighborhood Research for Economic and Environmental Health and Justice in Richmond, North Richmond, and San Pablo

Published: June 2009
Authors: Eli Moore, Swati Prakash, Catalina Garzon, Cristina Hernandez, Leonard McNeil, Carla Perez, Courtney Smith, Amy Vanderwarker, and Carmen Violich
Pages: 108

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Executive Summary


The West County Indicators Project was launched in 2006 to work with local residents and organizations to create healthy communities in West Contra Costa County, California. The vision for healthy communities inspired this interdisciplinary study, published by the Pacific Institute in partnership with seven local community organizations in West Contra Costa County. The individuals and groups who worked on the issues in this report have produced action plans to identify and address the concerns they feel most impact their quality of life and health. The authors conclude that healthy communities require environmental and economic justice, and identify indicators for evaluating potential community development projects.

Research for the study is owned and controlled by neighborhood residents, a model which aims to build unity across diverse issues and social groups. This community-determined research offers a channel for local organizing and advocacy efforts to engage directly with residents and tackle the most pressing issues affecting communities in West Contra Costa County.