Invited Presentation and Comments to the Delta Stewardship Council

Invited Presentation and Comments to the Delta Stewardship Council
Dr. Peter H. Gleick
April 15, 2011

Thank you for inviting me to present information to the Delta Stewardship Council on the issues of water efficiency and conservation with a focus on California’s agricultural sector, along with broader comments on moving to comprehensive solutions to the Bay-Delta (and statewide) water problems. As the Final Interim Plan clearly states:

“…implementation of the Interim Plan requires full consideration of public input. Opportunities have been and will continue to be provided for the public to engage in the development and implementation of the Interim Plan.”

I appreciate this opportunity. Here is a summary of my key conclusions:

1. There is broad agreement that no single strategy in the area of water storage, water efficiency, water pricing, or water policy will be sufficient to satisfy the goals of sustaining the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta’s ecosystems and vital water delivery systems. The proposed policy in the Second Staff Draft identifies mandatory key plan elements, including “water-use efficiency.” I support these, with the understanding that they must include both agricultural efficiency improvements and urban improvements, with explicit targets. […]

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