Ending Conflicts Over Water: Solutions to Water and Security Challenges

Published: September 2020

Authors: Peter Gleick, Charles Iceland, and Ayushi Trivedi

Pages: 128



Water-related conflict and political instability are on the rise across the globe. But while intensifying water challenges and the threats they pose to security are well documented, relatively few solutions have been presented.

This report fills the gap by exploring several dozen strategies to reduce water-related conflicts in key water-insecure hotspots around the world. The solutions are organized into four broad categories: natural resources, science, and engineering approaches; political and legal tools; economic and financial tools; and policy and governance strategies. These solutions provide decision-makers with options for addressing unique water challenges and can help improve water resources management, drought response, flood prevention, and access to safe, reliable, and affordable water for all. The report also offers detailed case studies of key regional challenges including Iran, Iraq, sub-Saharan Africa, India, and elsewhere.

The report was produced by the Pacific Institute in collaboration with the World Resources Institute and the Water, Peace and Security Partnership.


Interactive Tool: Water Conflict Chronology

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