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May 2020 The Environment, Climate, and a Global Pandemic, How Can the World Avoid the Spread of Future Pandemics?, Want to Help Fight COVID-19? List Your Organization’s Work on the Water Action Hub, and More.

April 2020: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, Pacific Institute Joins US Water Alliance in Highlighting Principles for COVID Relief and Recovery, Featured Blog Post: When Utilities Shut Off Water for the Poor, and More.

March 2020: Message from the President, Shining a Spotlight on Water and Sanitation Access on World Water Day, More Than 200,000 Californians Lack Plumbing for Hot and Cold Running Water, and More.

February 2020: President Jason Morrison to Attend Water and Climate Summit, Blog Post: Taps, Toilets, and Good Hygiene: Critical Ingredients for Resilient Agriculture, Blog Post: Pacific Institute Provides Comments on California Water Resilience Portfolio, and More.

January 2020: A Look Back at 2019, Mobilizing the Business Community, President Jason Morrison to Attend 32nd UN-Water Meeting in Rome, and More.

December 2019: President Jason Morrison Joins Water Action Event at COP25, Blog Post: Insights from COP25: The (Interconnected) Pillars of Water System Transformation, New Release: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Three Essential Ingredients to Resilient Agricultural Supply Chains, and More.

November 2019: Water Conflict Chronology Updates, President Jason Morrison to Join COP25 in Madrid, Pacific Institute Experts Weigh in on California Wildfires and Power Shutoffs, and More.

October 2019: At Climate Action Summit – Pacific Institute Affirmed Commitment to Action, Featured Op-Ed: Climate-Equitable Water, Blog Post: How to Set Meaningful Site Water Target,s and More.

September 2019 Hope for the Salton Sea, Blog Post: Salton Sea +20, Upcoming Salton Sea Summit, and More

August 2019: Setting Site Water Targets Informed by Catchment Context: A Guide for Companies, Sanjeev Chadha and Gavin Power Join Pacific Institute Board, Comparing Apples to Apples: Towards Better Communication Using a Common Language for Water, and More

July 2019: Plumbing the Depths: Californians Without Toilets and Running Water, The CEO Water Mandate: Advancing Water Stewardship, Water Risk Management for the Private Sector, and More

June 2019: The Cost of Alternative Urban Water Supply and Efficiency Options in California, Kilimanjaro, Home to a Great Example of Water Stewardship in Action, The CEO Water Mandate: Accelerating Water Stewardship, and More

May 2019: Dr. Peter Gleick Awarded 2019 BMI Prize for Strategic Global Challenge of Fresh Water, Seeking Feedback on Draft Guide for Setting Site-Level Water Targets, Water Action Hub Showcases Water Stewardship Projects Around the Globe, and More

April 2019: What is a “Multi-Benefit Approach” to Water Management?, Moving Toward a Multi-Benefit Approach for Water Management, Sustainable Landscapes in Southern California Offer Multiple Benefits. What Role Can Businesses Play?, and More

March 2019: In the Spotlight: Stormwater Capture in California, Pacific Institute Studies Explore Benefits of Stormwater, an Under-Utilized Resource, Q&A with Senior Researcher Dr. Laura Feinstein, and More

February 2019: Businesses Can Contribute to Community and Watershed Resilience Through Sustainable Landscapes, Online Mapping Tool: Sustainable Landscapes in California’s Santa Ana River Watershed, Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison Attends 30th UN-Water Meeting in Rome, and More

January 2019: The Water Conflict Chronology: January 2019 Update, The Pacific Institute: A Look Back at 2018, Workshop on “At Risk” Drinking Water Systems in California, and More

December 2018: The Pacific Institute: A Global Water Think Tank, Blog Post: The Fourth National Climate Assessment Has Stark Messages on Water. Here’s What it Means for U.S. Businesses, Water and Sanitation Access in California, and More