Michael Cohen of the Pacific Institute to Speak at 2019 Salton Sea Management Workshop

On Tuesday March 19th, Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Michael Cohen will speak on the status of Salton Sea Restoration projects at the 2019 Salton Sea Management workshop in San Diego, California. California’s Salton Sea is a fertile oasis in the hostile desert of southeastern California, adopted by millions of birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway. The state’s largest lake, it stretches across almost 35 miles in a remote, below sea-level valley in the southeastern corner of the state. The Sea faces a host of challenges, including a declining water supply, rising salinity, very high levels of nutrients that generate excessive algal growth and very low oxygen levels, and, to date, a glaring disconnect between the rate of change and the rate of efforts to address that change.

At the 2019 Salton Sea Management workshop, the California State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) will receive information related to the progress of Phase 1 of the Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP) from state agencies, as well as written and oral comments from the public.

Information is anticipated to be presented by the State Water Board, California Natural Resources Agency, and parties representing the SSMP technical advisory committees. The workshop is an opportunity for interested persons to provide input to the State Water Board regarding the status of the SSMP.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, March 19th, 2019, at 9:30AM in the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board Board Meeting Room at 2375 Northside Drive, Suite 100 in San Diego, California.

Learn more about this event hereLearn about the background and history of the State Water Board’s involvement with the Salton Sea here. View current information on the Salton Sea, including the status of dust control and habitat projects at the dwindling lake, here.