Pacific Institute Speaks Up for Water Resources Center Archives

October 16, 2009, Oakland, Calif. – Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick described the Water Resources Center Archives at UC Berkeley as “one of the most remarkable library treasures of the University of California system, a unique and irreplaceable collection of current and historical scientific, political, educational, and personal materials on California, western U.S., and global water history, science, and policy.”

With California’s budget woes, this invaluable resource faces closure or uncertain relocation. Dr. Juliet Christian-Smith, senior research associate at the Pacific Institute, has written to UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau in support of the library, stressing that “shutting down or letting the WRCA move to another campus would be a shockingly shortsighted move, particularly considering the paltry cost of its operation and maintenance (~$300,000).”

Read Juliet Christian-Smith’s full letter.

Read Peter Gleick’s Blog at the San Francisco Chronicle’s SF Gate “City Brights” in support of the WRCA.