November 3, 2019

Featured in San Francisco Chronicle

Power Outages Hit Some of State’s Poorest Communities Hard

PG&E’s unprecedented blackouts over the past month have hit especially hard in some of Northern California’s poorest communities, stripping electricity from hundreds of thousands of people who can least afford to be without it, according to state data reviewed by The Chronicle.

November 1, 2019

Featured on ABC 7 News

How Global Warming, Climate Change Contributing to Wildfires, Power Outages

Being in the eye of a California fire-storm is terrifying on its own. But understanding the changing weather forces that are driving that intensity could spark a longer-lasting fear. “The difference between a livable and an unlivable planet is not that many degrees difference in temperature,” Peter Gleick, with Pacific Institute, said.

October 31, 2019

Featured in San Francisco Chronicle

No Heat, No Light? Not So Bad. No Water? Much Worse.

When the lights went out this week, Susan Illich of Sebastopol didn’t just lose power. She also lost water. That’s because, like thousands of residents in Sonoma County, she relies on a private well that operates with an electric pump.

September 6, 2019

Featured in Yale Climate Connections

Three Thought-Provoking Analogies for Climate Change

Though by definition no analogy is perfect, a good one can create a flash of insight or provoke thought. A strong analogy can clarify a point or an argument. It can bring dry facts to life, attaching them to images and emotions and showing us why they matter.

August 27, 2019

Featured in RollingStone

Can We Survive Extreme Heat?

Humans have never lived on a planet this hot, and we’re totally unprepared for what’s to come. The real question is not whether superheated cities are sustainable. With enough money and engineering skill, you can sustain life on Mars. The issue is, sustainable for whom?