October 15, 2020

Featured in Financial Times

Water Futures Meet Cool Reception

Water futures are about to hit financial markets for the first time, with the launch of contracts tied to prices in California. But academics and investors fear the derivatives will offer a poor hedge for water users and may end up distorting prices for the vital resource. 

August 31, 2020

Featured in New Security Beat

Where the Oil Runs Deep, Water Turns Foul

When Farhad Ahma returned to his native country last year on a work trip, his first thought was of his small daughter back home. The air around him was so thick with pollution, he couldn’t imagine she would survive the climate in this region of northeastern Syria. Ahma himself struggled to breathe almost as soon as he arrived, nauseated by the heavy smell within a couple hours.

August 10, 2020

Featured in The Hill

Heat waves to heighten energy and water insecurity during COVID-19

Heat warnings and advisories have been in effect in many parts of the U.S. this summer and experts are predicting that above-average temperatures will dominate much of the country into September. This means higher energy bills for many Americans who are out of work and struggling economically. 

July 11, 2020

Featured in Green Sense Radio

Water Usage Reduction During COVID-19

As has been the case with electricity usage during the pandemic, water usage has also gone down. With the change in water usage, it’s had both positive and negative effects on  people and the environment, according to the latest findings by the Pacific Institute. Heather Cooley is Director of Research with the organization.