September 14, 2021

Featured in Yale Climate Connections

What Role for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in Combating Climate Change?

Does the potential of small modular nuclear reactor technology make it a viable approach to helping solve climate change challenges not fully met by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar?

Experts interviewed in this Yale Climate Connections “This is Not Cool” original video in some cases hold out hope. But they also confront timing, economic, and communications obstacles that could be prohibitive. 

September 10, 2021

Featured in Grist

Indigenous Action Wins the Day

A recent report by Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International found that Indigenous-led resistance to 21 fossil fuel projects in the U.S. and Canada over the past decade has stopped or delayed an amount of greenhouse gas pollution equivalent to at least one-quarter of annual U.S. and Canadian emissions. 

September 10, 2021

Featured in New York Times

How California’s Recall Laws Could Change

The looming recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom has revealed something of a paradox among Californians: We hold dear our ability to recall elected leaders from office but believe the process by which we do so to be deeply flawed.

September 9, 2021

Featured in KPBS

California’s Thirst for Water May Accelerate Global Warming

A new study finds the push to secure more water in California may hurt the state’s ability to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals. 

The nonpartisan group Next 10 and the Pacific Institute, a think tank focusing on water issues, found the state’s drive for drinkable water may exacerbate the conditions that are warming the global climate. 

August 17, 2021

Featured in The Mercury News

Newsom Says Mandatory Statewide Water Restrictions for California May Be on the Way

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that he may put mandatory water restrictions in place in as soon as six weeks from now as the state’s historic drought continues to worsen.

The declaration came as the governor and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan inspected recovery efforts at Big Basin Redwoods State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains one year after a massive wildfire burned through the park’s ancient redwoods.

August 16, 2021

Featured in BBC

How Water Shortages Are Brewing Wars

Unprecedented levels of dam building and water extraction by nations on great rivers are leaving countries further downstream increasingly thirsty, increasing the risk of conflicts.