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As Water Scarcity Increases, Desalination Plants Are on the Rise

Each day 100 million gallons of seawater are pushed through semi-permeable membranes to create 50 million gallons of water that is piped to municipal users. Carlsbad, which became fully operational in 2015, creates about 10 percent of the fresh water the 3.1 million people in the region use, at about twice the cost of the other main source of water.

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Can Lower Manhattan survive climate change? New York’s sea level rise plan faces pushback

Jainey Bavishi, the woman tasked with overseeing a new $10 billion plan to save Lower Manhattan from sea level rise, has plenty of reasons to worry. As another hurricane season kicks off, the bulk of the proposed barriers inspired by Superstorm Sandy’s destruction remain in the planning phase, and Bavishi knows that each passing day diminishes the motivating potency of that traumatic event.

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In Los Angeles ‘water colony’, tribes fear a parched future

When the first white settlers arrived in California’s remote eastern Owens Valley, the name given to its indigenous tribes was Paiute, or “land of flowing water” in the local language. But for more than a century, the water in the valley has flowed in just one direction: toward Los Angeles, nearly 300 miles (480 km) away.

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Ticking Water Bomb

Parched soil, dead cattle, young girls walking miles for a litre of muddy water and villagers digging up dried wells hoping to find a few more drops are a common sight in the eight districts of Maharashtra’s Marathwada region…