April 1, 2022

Featured in San Francisco Examiner

Snowpack Report Signals Bad News for California’s Drought

The Sierra Nevada roughly translates to “snowy mountain range” in Spanish, but as the world warms, the dense snowpack that gave the high peaks its name is waning.

As the summer months inch closer, state officials have made clear that the drought gripping the state is set to continue based on snowpack data released Friday.

March 30, 2022

Featured in San Francisco Examiner

S.F.’s Hydropower Supply is Under Threat

San Francisco’s water and power supply are intimate bedfellows.

Nearly 20 percent of The City’s energy is generated by water stored at Cherry Lake and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, a glacial valley in the northwestern corner of Yosemite National Park – the same water that spills from our taps.

March 30, 2022

Featured in KCBX

KCBX News Update: Water Use Experts Share Conservation Tips

Governor Gavin Newsom is leaving it up to local water agencies to decide whether mandatory rationing is necessary at this point in the state’s drought.

Californians actually increased water use this January compared to the previous year, leaving experts who track water conservation concerned.