May 2, 2022

Featured in Fast Company

In the Face of Megadroughts, L.A. is Transforming How it Uses Water

After the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California told 6 million residents on Wednesday that they can water their lawns only once a week, the district’s general manager declared it a wake-up call: “The amount of water we have available to us right now,” he said at a press conference, “is not going to be enough to carry us through the entire year unless we do something different.”

April 27, 2022

Featured in Forbes

Water Emerges as Weapon of War in Ukraine and Beyond

At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russian forces destroyed a concrete dam in southern Ukraine. Ukrainians had built the structure in 2014, after Russia illegally annexed Crimea, with the aim of blocking Dnieper River water that had flowed to Crimea since the Soviet era and diverting it to the Ukrainian city of Kherson.

April 24, 2022

Featured in The Tennessee Tribune

California Drought in Third Year

When not enough rain falls, farmers can’t grow food because the soil is too dry. Prolonged drought leads to famine and a slow death for millions. East Africa, Central Asia, large parts of India, China, Turkey, and Russia are suffering droughts. So is the American Southwest.