Companies around the world increasingly recognize that the world’s water challenges pose significant risks to communities, ecosystems, and their own operations. They also acknowledge that they have an important role to play in advancing water security by managing their water use and wastewater discharge, engaging in collective action and responsible water governance discussions, and contributing to increased access to water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Corporate water stewardship is an approach that allows companies to identify and manage water-related business risks, understand and mitigate their adverse impacts on ecosystems and communities, and contribute to more sustainable management of shared freshwater resources. Stewardship is rooted in the concept that robust and effective public water governance is critical to the long-term business viability of water-intensive industries and that companies can play a role in achieving this end.

Through its water stewardship projects, the Pacific Institute strives to encourage companies around the world to take meaningful water stewardship action, providing resources for companies at various points in their water stewardship journeys. Through its water stewardship projects and work with the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate, the Pacific Institute encourages companies around the world to commit to water stewardship action.

Exploring the Case for Corporate Context-Based Water Targets

Published: April 2017

As of 2017, more companies than ever before were setting water targets, yet global water stress continued to rise. How can companies ensure that their water targets align with meaningful outcomes? This report calls for a new approach for setting meaningful corporate water targets that take into account the unique local contexts of the basins in which companies operate.

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Water Stewardship Toolbox

Published: March 2017

This toolbox connects businesses to the latest tools, guidance, case studies, datasets, and more. It features more than 250 resources from dozens of organizations and is updated every week.

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