Congressman George Miller Water Policy Summer Internships



In summer 2016, the Pacific launched its Congressman George Miller Water Policy Leadership Program, which will continue to support two water policy interns annually through 2019. This program was established to honor the long service of Congressman George Miller to his country, and his legendary dedication and historical accomplishments around sustainable solutions to Western U.S. water policy reform.

The Pacific Institute will select and supervise two interns each year, who will typically work during a ten-week period on sustainability or other resource topics.

The purpose of these internships is to provide each intern with significant and varied experiences to build skills in research, outreach, and leadership; to benefit from a committed mentor; to have the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the sustainability field; and to accomplish a specific project(s) that also contributes to her/his resume.

Interns receive a modest financial grant and gain experience working in a nonprofit organization, including such tasks as reading and analyzing academic reports and other literature, analyzing data, writing reports and related materials, conducting internet and field research, assisting in outreach, giving presentations, and connecting with others in the field.