Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction     |     Figure 1 — Location of the Bristol, Cadiz, Fenner, and Orange Blossom Wash Watersheds     |     Figure 2 — Proposed Project Wellfield and Spreading Basins    |      Figure 3 — Proposed Project Facilities

Section 2 – Critical Resources and Potential Adverse Impacts in or Adjacent to the Project Area

Section 3 – Water Resources Model

Section 4 – Air Quality Analysis Related to Mobilization of Lakebed Dust

Section 5 – Monitoring Network

Section 6 – Monitoring, Testing and Reporting Procedures

Section 7:  Action Criteria, Decision-Making Process and Corrective Measures      |     Figure 10 — Decision-Making Process

Section 8 – Closure Plan and Post-Operational Reporting

Section 9 – Technical Review Panel

Section 10 – BLM Authorized Officer

Volume IV Appendices 


Appendix A — ASTM D5092-90, Standard Practice for Design and Installation of Groundwater Observation Wells in Aquifers

Appendix B — Groundwater Level Monitoring Protocol

Appendix C — Groundwater Sampling Protocol

Appendix D — Water Quality Analytical Protocol

Appendix E — Data Management Plan

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