Laura Feinstein of the Pacific Institute to Speak at Alternative Irrigation Water Workshop

On February 7th and 8th, 2020, Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Laura Feinstein will speak at the Alternative Irrigation Water Workshop hosted by California State University, Bakersfield.

As water supplies grow scarcer and more unpredictable, California farmers are looking to irrigate with unconventional supplies of water, such as oilfield-produced water. At present, the reuse of produced water is dwarfed by recycled municipal wastewater (40,000 versus 10 million acre-feet a year statewide).

Dr. Fienstein’s presentation on February 7th, titled “Reuse of Oilfield Produced Water for Irrigation in California,” will cover the history of produced water reuse in California, compare and contrast regulations on reuse of municipal wastewater versus oilfield-produced water, and examine opportunities and barriers for produced water reuse. The reuse of municipal wastewater has earned widespread acceptance in part because it is subject to a science-driven regulatory framework, and could achieve broader acceptance if it were subject to a comparable regulatory process. The event will take place on February 7th from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm PST in the Student Union Multipurpose Room at California State University, Bakersfield in Bakersfield, California.

On February 8th, Dr. Feinstein will give a presentation at the workshop “Produced Water: Increasing the Reuse of Nonconventional Water Sources.” Dr. Feinstein’s presentation is titled “Reuse of Municipal and Oilfield Water in California.”